Saturday, February 23, 2013

With You, I know...

This may be a lot for You to know, but then again, maybe You already know it,
It may be that You live with the same "knowing" as my heart...

It is when I look at You, I know in absolute terms,  what True Love is...

You are the Standard against which I grade all others,
and alas,
I know that there is no one who will ever eclipse my knowing of You

The smile that crosses Your face, the laughter that fills our time together,
fuels my Heart like no other has ever done..

The touch of Your hand, the embrace of Your arms,
wraps and soothes and communicates more to my Soul, than any moment ever has..

My heart aches for every pain that life has placed in Your path, and I wish I could wash them all away.
My heart breaks for every undeserved slight this world has encumbered You with..

I scream silently inside wishing to hold and nurture and show You just what it is that Your existence
does to me..
and what it's supposed to feel like when someone says that they Love You..

Knowing every second, that what I feel can never be.

That in this life I must be Thankful for the gift of knowing what this feels like to Love this way,
even if You are to never know..
I must be Thankful I have been blessed with even a glimpse of what it means to know this
deep and divine feeling of Love.. Pure and Sacred and Unconditional..

I would move mountains and slay dragons if You ever needed me to. I would walk those thousand miles and dive the deepest seas, even if just to see You smile.. just to see You smile..

I will carry this with me all of my days. And even if You never know, My Heart always will.
For without You, my heart would have never known that it was this capable, and this blessed.

No matter where You are, know for certain that I am always with You, as You are with me.

For with You, I know... what True Love Is..

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