Monday, February 21, 2011

hurt people hurt people...

I watched an episode recently of a show about prison inmates who took part in program to steer youth back to a life without crime and drugs. One of the inmates used the title line above about how hurt people, hurt people. It stuck me as very profound, especially coming from someone who was now paying the price for being one of those hurt persons. It's a statement of clarity, and lends itself to almost every situation of bad behaviour we humans get ourselves into. We all carry hurt for one reason or another, be that from past experience or as a premptive strike.. once burned..

I learned of the passing of one of our extended team this morning, and it's looking like it was her spouse who took her life. I wonder how much hurt he had, how much he shouldered to take someone you love, and end their life. Not that that is any kind of excuse or justification at all. But what was the overwhelming need to hurt that flared up in the worst way, to take him to that awful place. Why do we not learn to deal, or turn away from healing, forgiveness, empathy, love..

Rest in peace my friend, and though we never met face to face, I shall miss hearing your voice on the phone and helping you with your requests.

We are all connected in some way, this humanity.. instead of the hurt, lets change that to help..

help people - help people...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the notes of your life...

the notes of your life
begin with your first breath
a burst of sights and sounds
melodies and scales, a warm up of your performance
a resonance of soul
your life, a symphony of tears and laughter
memories and experience
good and bad, and all the colours in between
the touches, the tastes
and the pounding rhythm of life's pulse
all blending into the melody
that is your life
your song
your music
your note

from the first sweet sound
to the final chord
play on maestro

play on

Monday, February 14, 2011

a reflection of heart...

I know you to be true, for you have never steered me wrong, it is I that sometimes, make that most times, who doesn't listen to your words of wisdom, and it is I who falter from the path that you would have me walk in comfort and warmth. Tis I who shuts the door when you ache to hold me and tell me nothing can harm me. I am the one who turns away and has to do it my way, even though knowing to the depths of my Soul that you would never lead me down a path that wasn't in my best interest.

Yet you stay, ever vigilant, offering truth and trust, silently embracing the decisions and aftermath of those choices.. never judging.. never scolding.. just loving..

it is my turn to give thanks, and praise and love..
happy heart day..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

here I belong...

What does it mean to belong, to be accepted.. arms that reach out in open embrace as a hello or comfort. Is it ideas that are welcomed as part of a community, a social group, family.. is it a deep understanding that you are wrapped in the colours of your soul and the gentleness of the Spirit. I belong..I belong here because I was made to belong here. My gifts, my passions, my breath, they all belong right here, right where I am. They belong as much today as they did yesterday and as much as they will tomorrow and for all the sweet seconds that pass on into my ultimate destination. and I belong to you as you do to me, not in the ownership sense of the word, but on a much deeper inter-connected soul sharing love filled expression of what truly matters to this place we call home.

here I belong, together with you, journey with me..

Friday, February 4, 2011

there is a purpose...

You just never know it seems.. I was given some difficult news this week and it jilted my Soul a little bit. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't to the core - earth shattering and soul questioning, but just a blunt reminder that when the world throws stuff at us, we can't always duck and cover. A pointed tap on the shoulder with notice that crap happens in this life, that we have no control over, much like trying to hold back the tide using a teaspoon.

But in the midst of all of this, as usually happens for me..something began to bloom.. there is a purpose to that which serves to knock us on our butts, which clears the mind of all the "small stuff" we gather around ourselves. The sudden clarity of my existence, what really matters, and what really doesn't. We are here for a reason, each one of us has a purpose for being where we are, who we are. Some become Leaders, teachers, scholars, but our own lives, how we live them, how we love them, is always why we are here. I read a quote the other day that ran something like "your life is precious and has value, if someone else could do what your life is intended to do, you wouldn't be here" and that shifted me.

I am truly blessed, and I try to honour that..I say a multitude of "Thank You's" every day to the man upstairs..and my path is clear for me. Tending my Garden of friends and family, employment and and hope and dreams... this is my purpose...

are you tending to yours?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

moving with the current...

moving..the rustle of packing paper, treasures wrapped in careful embrace, the clearing of spaces..
new sights and sounds to behold, new surfaces, new vistas...
the careful shuffle of full boxes from old familiar walls, new rooms and keys and codes and memories..
a twinge as the old door closes for the last time, one last look back at time spent in familiar places, a fresh breeze of new opportunity
changes, settling in, embracing the new just as the seasons bring different shades and colours..
Home? not yet...but soon...