Monday, February 20, 2012

what has passed...

what has passed, should hang like a photograph in a gallery of your mind,
a reminder of feelings, places, dates and times,
it should remind one of choices made and lines drawn and outcomes of these decisions...

it should reflect who one was before learning and growth changed them into who they are this day,
it should serve as a touchstone, a waving flag that living in this place freezes you in the same time,
and erases the inherent lessons of those past footsteps...

what has passed cannot and should not be built as a wall to impede your progress forward,
for dragging the culmination of grief, missteps, anger and fear, chases away the chance for blooming,
growth, peace and Love to flourish in a new season...

forward and onward, reaching for what is to come with open hands and mind,
allowing the mountains of what has gone before to fade quietly away and become only a thin layer
of who you were.. colouring ever slightly who you have become,
one facet of a sparkling diamond, dancing in newness as what has passed is irretrievable...

it is a choice, this movement forward... grasp it and let it lead you... your heart knows where...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

whisper with the Wren call...

I am very honoured to have a featured guest Blogger today. 
Sharon from "Holy Writing" has a wonderful Blog that I visit regularly for some Soul filling Spiritual time.

Thank you my friend, for the honour of allowing me to have you here at Current Ripple.

Journal notes at the Flint River ....02-18-12
Silent,still,eternal woods.Vultures circle soundlessly high above.Every stump has a past,every leaf a song.A crow calls from a tall dead tree,again and again.Water ripples,unhurried.Two beech leaves caught up in the breeze,land in the river.Deer prints in thegray sand.
Nothing here speaks of perfection.It is all messy,broken,twisted,full of holes,knobbed.Vine branches,logs,towhees calling from both sides of the river.Crows fly overhead heading West.Everything flows and opens like a lotus.The damp ground under my feet accepts  the rain,sunlight,the fallen light green mistletoe near me,broken,alone.
I am the self-apppointed abbess of this solitary spot.The leaves are my prayers heading downstream for their own purpose.This log is my desk and chair by a window.The choir?Crows,a wren and the towhees.The tall gray bare trees are a cloud of witnesses with the tops of the pines swaying to the music.The beech leaves have messages written in the veins as they flutter down.
The abbess sees,listen and relishes all that is here.The word hurry disappears around the bend with the current.
The stump with its past,its story,leans towards the tall bare tree that is festooned with mistletoe.
One day ,it too, will be a stump in the long movement of time on the river in the eternal woods.
The sun peeks through the branches as if a bright white candle has been lit in the chapel and placed on a high tall window sill.Lit for vespers, those praise prayers that are said every day at all times around the world.Mine added as a whisper with the wren call.
Unlike the monastery in Conyers,whose plain cinder block walls glow in pale blue and pink when the sun comes through the stained glass windows,the pale sun here brings only green and beige in reflection on the waters of my river.
I am very present to this outpouring.The Buddhists call it mindfulness.I am here with this,not back or forward,here,now,waiting for words to form.There aren't enough.   

Holy Writing can be found by clicking "here" drop by and show her some Love.

Monday, February 6, 2012


the calming resolution that all will be well,
that all will be secure and safe...
a positive declaration, a surety
words and actions that shoulder the moment,
removing uncertainty...

a promise spoken that spans the unknown ground ahead,
a path of security, full of certainty,
knowledge that as you traverse the road lain before your feet,
you will be safe and protected...

in my words to you, or in yours to me,
our assurance that we are here for one another,
our promises to be a solid foundation,
a journey onwards with strength and Love...

freedom from doubt,
my hand held out for yours,
embrace and let go of the hesitation,
blessed assurance...