Monday, February 20, 2012

what has passed...

what has passed, should hang like a photograph in a gallery of your mind,
a reminder of feelings, places, dates and times,
it should remind one of choices made and lines drawn and outcomes of these decisions...

it should reflect who one was before learning and growth changed them into who they are this day,
it should serve as a touchstone, a waving flag that living in this place freezes you in the same time,
and erases the inherent lessons of those past footsteps...

what has passed cannot and should not be built as a wall to impede your progress forward,
for dragging the culmination of grief, missteps, anger and fear, chases away the chance for blooming,
growth, peace and Love to flourish in a new season...

forward and onward, reaching for what is to come with open hands and mind,
allowing the mountains of what has gone before to fade quietly away and become only a thin layer
of who you were.. colouring ever slightly who you have become,
one facet of a sparkling diamond, dancing in newness as what has passed is irretrievable...

it is a choice, this movement forward... grasp it and let it lead you... your heart knows where...


  1. Your thoughts are always filled with hope and clear seeing.I love the image of the mountain behind you of your past which for some remains huge but
    doesn't have to.Lovely.
    Where is the window picture taken?It is stunning.

    1. Sharon, Thank you for your sweet words. The window is one of the many that bless the sanctuary of my church, St. Andrew's-Wesley United in Vancouver BC.

  2. Aww.. These were such positive lines Ry. I miss cuming to ur blog. N especially came by today! Ur words gv me warmth, that i need:) thnku u. Love. Happy weekend!