Monday, February 6, 2012


the calming resolution that all will be well,
that all will be secure and safe...
a positive declaration, a surety
words and actions that shoulder the moment,
removing uncertainty...

a promise spoken that spans the unknown ground ahead,
a path of security, full of certainty,
knowledge that as you traverse the road lain before your feet,
you will be safe and protected...

in my words to you, or in yours to me,
our assurance that we are here for one another,
our promises to be a solid foundation,
a journey onwards with strength and Love...

freedom from doubt,
my hand held out for yours,
embrace and let go of the hesitation,
blessed assurance...


  1. Beautifully written,powerful words ....nothing better than to know, deep in our core, that no matter what happens,all shall be well.I am so glad that you are in that place,this day.God

  2. Thank you Sharon. Last week was a tough one in the life of my church board committee work. Our Rev. invited us into a ministry of assurance and that stuck with me the past few days.
    I am glad you stopped by my friend.