Monday, January 16, 2012

midnight snow...

twelve am, and the sky is lit like stormy afternoon,
the lights of the city reflect and ricochet off the thick cloud cover,

soft and fluffy flakes of clean, crisp snow
descend silently across the quiet landscape...

the driveway lamps, beaming their rays like solitary Lighthouses,
illuminate the accumulating frozen whiteness,

the stillness is deafening and encompassing,
this sudden winter wonderland
in its as yet unbroken covering...

no footfalls, no human interference with shovel or plow,
a softening blanket to greet early risers...
a whitewash of winters grime,
creates a monotone palette of white and grey...

except for the silent glow of the lamp standards,
I feel alone with my thoughts,
their watchful gaze intersects with mine in these moments
we share this midnight snow,
cherishing our secrets...


  1. I knew there was a reason to stop in today.How I love these pictures and the calm words.I felt as if I was there in the quiet.What a gift;we so rarely have snow in Georgia.Thank you!!!!

  2. Ryan,I so appreciate your kind comment keeps this writer going..hope you are well.God bless-Love-Sharon