Friday, January 6, 2012


as I begin to contemplate what is to come this year,
I find myself relishing the anticipation that has replaced the dread of the last 12 months...
that familiar "on the edge of your seat" heart quickening
what happens next thought process...

the who and when and how will all of this play out,
decisions to be made, pros and cons to be pondered,
and ultimately choices made and changes set in motion...

exciting choices and even more exciting changes,
the blending of lives and their shared dreams,
the opportunity to once again, stretch and grow
and bathe in soul healing Joy...

it is so glorious to feel alive again,
and though external input can only add to that,
it is wonderful to be in this place once more,
where the clouds are completely silver, not just their lining,
where the rain tastes sweet as honey,
and the horizon stretches on infinitely,
full of promise...

I am filled with anticipation for these days,
filled with knowing that all of this,
I deserve...

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