Saturday, January 7, 2012


every situation that comes our way, is an opportunity to rise to the challenge that is lain before us.
another opportunity to face this obstacle and decide that our values and commitment to ourselves and to be the best we can, is what should guide our actions going forward to a resolution...
your best foot forward so to speak, for any mountain in our path only creates the opportunity for
Us to choose how we will react and how we will face the situation..

do we challenge the mountain head on and in the process stretch ourselves, learn and grow, or do we shrink back and attempt the easiest passage possible, thereby missing the inherent lessons available..
do we push our limits and understand that we are more than what we allow ourselves to think we are,
or do we squeak by and never know the power of our spirit and the passions woven into our capabilities..

every moment is given as an opportunity to learn, to take in the experience and to apply that to what we already know... to change, to evolve and to understand that what we do,
and know and feel, must move forward and be transformed in an ongoing process...

this life, this time here in this place, this gift, is meant to be lived and experienced, learned and taught...
our lives are meant to be full and rich with experience and questioning, full of hope and contentment...
but to shy away from any difficult work,
cheats ourselves of the opportunity to experience just who we really are...

stride boldly forward,
arms outstretched and soul hungry
for all that can be gathered in this time we are allotted..

and most importantly...

never underestimate the privilege it is to be You..

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  1. I think that you must read my mind.This is exactly where I am in the school of life, only you write it more beautifully then I ever could.
    So many people that I know had a dreadful 2011.Your gift is to remind us of the importance of not avoiding pain but grabbing on and learning what it has to teach.No small thing.Blessings on you.