Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bon Annee!!!...

A very Happy New Year to all!!!

a Huge toast to 2012 "clink"
 to a year of Love, new opportunities, Peace
and new journeys...

new beginnings, the blending of individual lives,
a deeper soul felt existence,
a time to forgive past mistakes, to cherish new moments,
to understand that by our mere appearance on this planet
we matter...

to embrace that it is never to late to change or Love
or forgive...
and that this act of self forgiveness
eradicates all the chains that bind our hearts,

to allow the universe to provide us with what we need,
versus what we think we want...
and to let go and keep hands outstretched,
so that those open hands are able to receive
what is intended to come our way...

to cultivate our passions,
and live each moment with honesty,
remembering that we are indeed all connected,
and that you are just as valuable as I am..
celebrate our differences as beautiful
instead of a negative,

may your 2012 be filled with
more hugs than handshakes..
more smiles than tears,
and more sunshine than clouds...

see you all on the flip side!



  1. Beautiful writing and wishes...back to you,Ry!!!

  2. Heya Ry!!!:):) U said everything aptly and beautifully:) Wishing u a fab and a blessed New Year my sweet friend:)

  3. Your beautifully written comments on my blog made me glow.I feel like I have a friend and cheerleader in my corner,keeping me going...and now I shake a pom-pom in your direction...thank you for the openness of last year,the photos and most of all the beauty of your words which put my feet back on the right path many times....God love you....Love-Sharon

  4. Ryan,that is so funny...I guess I assumed only a woman could write so beautifully....mea culpa!!!Am I forgiven????thanks for visiting my means so