Tuesday, December 6, 2011

backwards glance...

a backward glance is about all I wish to give to 2011, except for a handful of amazing moments, the rest can get chucked in the crapper for all I care. This year has been like no other, full of bad news, sadness, grief, loss, pain and questioning. far too much questioning..

and then, from out of all the crap, is blossoming a love story, new and fresh and full of promise and happiness.. through the fire of this last year, comes a rebirth of hope and joy, a freshness like the boughs of fir that adorn our mantles for the Christmas Season..

those memories that rocket through your head when you smell fresh baked shortbread cookies lining the racks in your mothers kitchen, it's the instant fresh scent of snow in the air and you know that by nightfall, everything will be a clean glistening white.. frosty and clean again..

sort of what I wish for 2012, a clean and fresh start, a shedding of the strife of 2011... a return to blissful days and dream filled nights of what lays ahead.. a deeper connection with friend and family, a changing of the Guard so to speak, with new sentinels standing guard over those whom I love..

as we approach the turning of the year, I wish for peace.. hopefully in every sense of the word.. peace in my soul, that my days will be filled with tranquil moments that allow me to peel away the scars of the last months..

my wish for all of you is the same, that this new year, this new start be filled with the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations.. that you are able to shed that which held you back or slowed you down..


so I say to you 2011, thanks not for them memories eh,

oh, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

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  1. Oh my, what a post...I can relate.In the spirit of this beautiful post, I will look back over the year, try to find the gold and to hope that ..fifteen years from now,I will be able to see all the good that came from the dross or poo....loved your fiesty ending,that's my girl...sharon