Friday, February 4, 2011

there is a purpose...

You just never know it seems.. I was given some difficult news this week and it jilted my Soul a little bit. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't to the core - earth shattering and soul questioning, but just a blunt reminder that when the world throws stuff at us, we can't always duck and cover. A pointed tap on the shoulder with notice that crap happens in this life, that we have no control over, much like trying to hold back the tide using a teaspoon.

But in the midst of all of this, as usually happens for me..something began to bloom.. there is a purpose to that which serves to knock us on our butts, which clears the mind of all the "small stuff" we gather around ourselves. The sudden clarity of my existence, what really matters, and what really doesn't. We are here for a reason, each one of us has a purpose for being where we are, who we are. Some become Leaders, teachers, scholars, but our own lives, how we live them, how we love them, is always why we are here. I read a quote the other day that ran something like "your life is precious and has value, if someone else could do what your life is intended to do, you wouldn't be here" and that shifted me.

I am truly blessed, and I try to honour that..I say a multitude of "Thank You's" every day to the man upstairs..and my path is clear for me. Tending my Garden of friends and family, employment and and hope and dreams... this is my purpose...

are you tending to yours?


  1. Lovely...I am grateful that you are such a talented writer and have a wonderful ability to paint emotions/pictures in words.

  2. Thank you...great insight! I'll bet you are a great gardener.

  3. Thanks Preparedness. I really enjoy gardening, my office and home are filled with greenies.. it's a passion for me. Thank you for the warm words about my writing..