Wednesday, February 9, 2011

here I belong...

What does it mean to belong, to be accepted.. arms that reach out in open embrace as a hello or comfort. Is it ideas that are welcomed as part of a community, a social group, family.. is it a deep understanding that you are wrapped in the colours of your soul and the gentleness of the Spirit. I belong..I belong here because I was made to belong here. My gifts, my passions, my breath, they all belong right here, right where I am. They belong as much today as they did yesterday and as much as they will tomorrow and for all the sweet seconds that pass on into my ultimate destination. and I belong to you as you do to me, not in the ownership sense of the word, but on a much deeper inter-connected soul sharing love filled expression of what truly matters to this place we call home.

here I belong, together with you, journey with me..