Monday, February 21, 2011

hurt people hurt people...

I watched an episode recently of a show about prison inmates who took part in program to steer youth back to a life without crime and drugs. One of the inmates used the title line above about how hurt people, hurt people. It stuck me as very profound, especially coming from someone who was now paying the price for being one of those hurt persons. It's a statement of clarity, and lends itself to almost every situation of bad behaviour we humans get ourselves into. We all carry hurt for one reason or another, be that from past experience or as a premptive strike.. once burned..

I learned of the passing of one of our extended team this morning, and it's looking like it was her spouse who took her life. I wonder how much hurt he had, how much he shouldered to take someone you love, and end their life. Not that that is any kind of excuse or justification at all. But what was the overwhelming need to hurt that flared up in the worst way, to take him to that awful place. Why do we not learn to deal, or turn away from healing, forgiveness, empathy, love..

Rest in peace my friend, and though we never met face to face, I shall miss hearing your voice on the phone and helping you with your requests.

We are all connected in some way, this humanity.. instead of the hurt, lets change that to help..

help people - help people...


  1. I try to tell my daughter that the people being mean to her probably are sad already or have issues but hurt people, hurt people says it perfectly. I will never forget that now. What a succinct way to explain it and how dreadfully sad to lose a life that way.

  2. Very poignant and such an oft-overlooked concept. Hurt people hurt people. True.

  3. That's an incredibly profound statement from a young, hurt person. I'm so sorry about the sadness for your extended team. As you say, it's hard to imagine what can take a person to that place.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.