Saturday, March 24, 2012


when the last bell sounds it's tone across the landscape
that our human ears will ever hear,
when the last new life is brought forth into the light of day...
when the last time we must say goodbye to a loved one is at hand
and we must embrace our aching goodbye...

when the last season has made her mark on this landscape
and we stand to feel this knowledge,
when the last sunset has met the last sunrise
with her her golden glow..

before all of these come to pass,
in the very instant before their ceasing,
we shall hear a mighty trumpet blast..
the sharp report of that first note shall signal
that death has lost, and Faith has won...
that goodness and Love have swept away 
any mountain, any enemy
any pain...

before we fall, we shall be wrapped in Peace,
and we shall know we are safe at last...


  1. We didn't know if it would be lollipops or roses when you went deeper but this is a truly beautiful,faith affirming meditation.I am so glad that I dropped in tonight.It occurs to me,this is what Lent is for,to go deeper into His heart.
    The last few ,so hopeful, lines wrap me in warmth.

  2. You have a thoughtful eye, and are gifted with the verse to connect image to feeling. Like.