Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One moment in time...

take this moment, and live it this moment,
not focused on tomorrow or yesterday, but this moment..
Live it's finite lifespan as if it were the last you would ever see..

take this moment and truly open your eyes to all of it's splendour,
praise its very gift to your soul, the chance to be, here, now, present,
a moment that is denied to many, whose last has been named,

worry not for tomorrow, or for the trappings of your existence,
for all will unfold according to life's manuscript,
flowers ask not for tomorrow's sunshine or stress of their seasons end,
they raise their blooms one moment in time after another,
they raise their blooms one moment in time after another,

 find what you have lost in this moment, 
free yourself from duty and all that weighs heavy on your Soul,
strip away the losses and grief, the strife and your minds perception of
what you should be...

your very Spirit knows this place, 
this one moment in time when you simply Are...
feel your Being flood with childhood memories, 
when every single precious second felt like an eternity of wonder,
and you wore those moments as a badge of honour...

Understand in this one moment in time,
that You are perfect and have been created as such,
for this very instant to be fulfilled...

This one moment in time is,
because "You" are...


  1. Wonderful....very calming. I so need to be more centred. Thank you for your words.!

  2. so true, I love your pictures.......

  3. Dear Ry....
    Missed you all this while. Where have you been? How are you? I just wanted to drop by and say a sweet hello to you! This post of yours touched me in that moment when I had hit the low

    Best Wishes:)