Sunday, March 27, 2011

just do right...

three simple words with a huge impact.. just do right... it may not be the fastest way to do something or the most popular, it may not be the most pleasant way, it may not be the most financially beneficial or the most glamorous, but it will bless you with much more... it will provide more security than an army of bodyguards, more hours of peace within your soul, more comfort in knowing that you did not bend to the easiest path, or that which was unjust or unethical in nature.. peace of mind in the long runs serves our spirit far better than a quick buck, or stepping on someone to get what we think is important at that time.. looking at yourself in the mirror is much easier when your face doesn't echo the pain of someone you crushed in your mad rush to succeed.. at the crossroads, it's always a choice.. can you "just do right" when facing the fire?

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