Monday, March 14, 2011

may peace be with you...

5 letters with big impact, Peace... in a world full of sadness and despair, newscasts beaming pictures of destruction and chaos, where do you find peace.. what do you wrap yourself in to deflect all those arrows of pain.. what do you hold in your grasp to slay those dragons of negativity.

do you find it in the falling rain, the soft sweep of sun and shadows on a cloudy day. Is it found for you in the pages of a good book, the flavours of a good meal. Is it underfoot on a sandy beach or a grass covered knoll in a quiet meadow. in the echoes of songbirds hidden in the green canopy above on a forest trail..
Where is your peace...

wherever you go to find it,.... may peace be with you with each step of your journey..

1 comment:

  1. Very powerful words R, may you find peace as well. LR