Thursday, April 21, 2011

in everything..Love...

wrapped in the context of every moment is our ability to see Love as the answer.. the absolute choice to use our vision of Love as the filter for every situation we find ourselves in. imagine for a moment if our first instinctual response to anything was one based in Love.. how drastically that would change not only ourselves, but imagine the impact on our world and society. how many situations could be dissolved, how many disputes could be settled, how many lives could be saved if all were approached with humility and deep caring...Love..
how would this change your situations, home, work, personal relationships, your ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes so to speak... how transformational for our souls that would be. some will think it a rather simplistic or Pollyanna view of the world, but we think nothing of striking out first, why not the other end of that spectrum? shoot first and ask questions later has become so ingrained in our society and to what end?
can we find a way to colour everything with love first, and in asking the questions solve them the same way... it is after all, our own choice, and our duty to each other. can we move beyond personal gain, the need to have ever increasingly more and more, and become human again, with the capacity to honour and protect each other, guide and nurture.. just for today, keep these words in your spirit and soul, and see how your day changes..

in everything...Love


  1. What a nice reflection. Sometimes we all need to pause and think these things over.
    Visiting you from the rewind.

  2. Perhaps we will morph back towards this? We seem so far at the moment but maybe this is the future for the human race? Thanks for Rewinding x