Monday, April 11, 2011

waiting to see love Himself... face to face...

look around where you are right now,
look for the miracles placed before you, abundant and overflowing. 
be it the blue of the sky above,
the soft pink tones of blooming cherry trees,
the fresh green of grasses and budding plants.
perhaps the glint of sunshine on rolling waves or the soaring grace of a skyward bird.
see the face of His love in all of creation. see it in your neighbour,
feel it in the breath of wind that caresses your face,
taste it in the food that nourishes your body and soul,
pray it in the words you speak to each other.
emulate this love in all you do,
in all that you are..
see it in everything,
while we are here in this place,
in His creation,

waiting to see love Himself...
face to face..


  1. This is such beautiful writing. On a busy day like today, it centres me to read this and reminds me to be mindful. Thank you.