Saturday, April 2, 2011

not that easy when you're lost...

"not that easy when you're lost, when you want to be lost"... the trigger line from my latest can't stop listening to it piece of music. This is is called "Your Name (Down tempo Version)" from Sunlounger's album "Sunny Tales", this track features Lorilee.... the music takes me to a place of sunshine and cool breezes, but the lyrics are melancholy in their story... an almost perfect blend of happy-sad... chill but with that little twinge of regret, missed opportunity or what if? visions of a tropical cocktail in one hand watching lazy clouds sail past, with the ocean lapping the white sand at my feet.

it let's me get "lost", carried away on a melody wrapped mind excursion of memories.. peace and joy and stillness but for the notes flowing through my brain...

where do you lose yourself when you need to be lost.. a book, deep in the forest, by the water..

maybe more importantly.. do you allow yourself the pleasure of being "lost".....


  1. Hi dropping in from Rewind. Yes, I allow myself the pleasure of being a new city, with a book, with art and at the beach.

  2. Mila, I am glad you take the time to chill! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. A book, any place with a patch of sunshine, and the ocean- all capture me.

    visiting from the fibro rewind

  4. I get lost in thought an awful lot. People are always telling me that I bypass them in the street without saying hello. I have to explain that I'm so far inside my own head that I don't even see them!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.