Tuesday, July 19, 2011

wrapped in splendour...

we enter this world wrapped in the love of our parents... their protective arms fending off any ill that comes our way... their love pours out in joy and knows no bounds of happiness... they revel in each new skill, each new word spoken, they applaud our first steps, our first complete sentences, they cringe at our first triumphant "No!" and watch as we begin our journey towards adulthood... wrapped in their guidance, we begin our life's symphony, we push, we learn, we fall, we stand, we cry and we laugh... wrapped in this love, we strike out on our own path, their love stretches to encompass us wherever we find ourselves... we live our mistakes, we grow in confidence, we form our own ideas and concepts about what it is to be alive in this world... always tethered to our beginnings, always wrapped in splendour...

years bloom and blossom into bouquets of memories, we build our own place in line, forge our own identities and beliefs, but always we are still theirs, their dreams and wants and needs for us... to be successful, to be warm and loving, to make a difference that perhaps they wish they themselves had made... decisions they wish they could change and see in our dance of life... always wrapped carefully in their affection... and as our turn to be who they have been begins to dawn on the horizon, we step back and take up the mantle of our destiny, full of confidence tinged with a tear of sadness, for nothing escapes this life's journey... all that lives must come to it's final destination... all that was falls away and we are left with love... the power to be who we need to be on our own... hold tight, embrace long and often... feel the moments, drink the sweetness of being called to this place of beauty... give thanks for the moment, give thanks for the journey, bask in the joy and feel the warmth... open to be... wrapped in splendour...


  1. Wow, beautiful writing. That relationship is the foundation of who we are and colors our world throughout our lives.

    The flowers are so yummy. I love lavender and yellow together.

  2. Thank you Nancy!! I am glad you stopped by!

  3. Those flowers are so beautiful. The colours are divine.

    Visiting via the REwind.