Sunday, July 3, 2011


I offer this to you, forgiveness... forgiveness for all those decisions made in haste... for those not made at all, for they are ultimately still a decision to do nothing instead of act... forgiveness for the words spoken without careful thought of the outcome of letting them free into the universe unedited.... forgiveness for the un-acknowledged feelings, stomped down deep, so as to not feel them and deal with the emotion of opening that Pandora's box of pain and sorrow... forgiveness for the inability to speak up when you knew it was right and moral to do so... forgiveness for not looking past the outward appearance and seeing that the soul underneath needed just a gentle touch to be made whole again...

forgiveness for the judgements, the suspicions and the cloudy view of what really matters... forgiveness for the self doubt, the fear, the questioning of what was true and just... forgiveness for never admitting it was good enough, and by enough, I mean acceptance of doing what we do until we know better... forgiveness for missing that "trying" is better than inaction and that failure can build something stronger... forgiveness for not believing in "us, it , I, we"... I offer forgiveness to you because ultimately you are all I have, and to destroy or deny you the chance to be free, hurts both of us... and that strengthens no one... always there in the shadows, we still exist... forgiveness my love... forgiveness...


  1. My dear blogger friend Ry, this is the best post of urs. I myself have written an thought over many a times on how easy or difficult it i to forgive...and this post of urs and especially the yellow flower touches me somewhere.It's hard to put it in words. yellow stands for friendship and the beauty of ur words here lies in the fact that u gave a unique and beautiful meaning to a yellow colored flower, for that now stands for forgiveness...a heart that shines bright, as mighty as the sun, that tells the other person, that no matter how deep the wounds may be, I still forgive you, an more so continue to love u :)
    have a great week:)

    PS: M sharin this post o urs on FB:)

  2. Thank you Aakriti... I put this out there with no indication of who it was written for, I wanted the reader to be touched from wherever this spoke to you from. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I so nearly missed this post RP by being too wrapped up in my own thoughts. I'm so very glad I didn't.

    It could have been written for the way I've been feeling lately but I could never have expressed it so beautifully.

    I'll be keeping this to read from time to time when I need something to hold on to.

    Thank you x

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  5. At one point in my life, I probably committed all these sins...forgiving oneself is the hardest thing to do. Thanks for reminding me of having compassion for oneself is as necessary as having them for others.

  6. Forgiveness is such a powerful concept. By the grace of God, I pray I will be able to live a life of forgiveness... for only then can I live in the freedom it brings.

    Thanks for your thoughts.