Tuesday, September 13, 2011

our stewardship...

We are all blessed with gifts from God, and we are asked to bring those gifts to His table as part of one woven human tapestry. Each blessed strand interlocked and supportive of the other, a blend of colour and texture, strength and softness. Youth and age, fresh eyes and time worn hands embracing the work that needs to be done. Some work in the forefront leading the way, while others with busy hands work in the background, shining in their supportive role. Each of us has been rewarded with different skills in which we can excel and contribute.  The blending of our glorious gifts unites us into the loved filled community we have become thanks to the teachings of our Father. Just as the wing of a bird cannot soar on its own, neither can any single one of us carry the weight of this faith community as our own measure.  

If you have time, give of it freely when you can, if you have learned then you must teach. All of our gifts are valuable if the actions we undertake are guided by our Love for each other and this wondrous place we gather in. Not all of us can be leaders, nor want to be, but each donation of ourselves, in whatever form that takes, builds our strong and enduring foundation, and that is a powerful, tangible presence that can be felt within this Holy place. As we come together to be a representation of the Body of Christ, give thanks for the blessings of each one of us, embrace the gifts that interlock us together, 
see the strengths of your neighbour as complementary to your own, 
and be thankful that we are valuable because we are who we were created to be.

Dear Father, bless our worldly gifts with the touch of Your hand. Let our gifts enhance each other and weave them together into garments of Love and respect for each other. 

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