Sunday, September 4, 2011


I see my fellow bloggers write about what they are grateful/thankful for on a regular basis,
I have yet in 80 posts on my "still adolescent blog" compared to some I follow,
to do the same... until now
so post "81"
my "Thankfuls"

  • for my creative but not artistic abilities and the opportunity to share them
  • for the loved ones in my life who outnumber the enemies a "billion" to one
  • for the one in a billion enemies who keep my loved ones on their toes...
  • for you who read my posts, and allowing them to touch you as they do me
  • for my 4 legged fur kids who provide laughter and unconditional love
  • for my ability to have become who I am... despite my beginnings
  • for humility...

  • for the amazing world that we live in and the symphonys' it performs on a daily basis
  • for a spiritual Holy presence that wraps each of my footsteps with a solid foundation
  • for my faith community who welcomed me in as I am... completely
  • for the moments of "plugged in - ness" where the words come faster than the fingers can type
  • for abundance
  • for those I can lean on and who will carry the load when I cannot

  • for the sun that shines in my soul, even when the rain clouds obscure the sky
  • for laughter and the ability to see that gift on others faces
  • for those who champion a cause at any cost, so that others may be free from oppression

for all of this and more, I am thankful... 
thankful that today was another I was blessed to be here in this place,
and that maybe something I did or something I said, 
touched someone who needed just what I had to offer this day...

may it be so....

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