Friday, September 23, 2011

summer's portrait...

we are losing you... again, feels too soon..
losing your soft rays and sounds and smells,
your departure signals the end of this years romance
the end of this years dance..


as your vibrant green and golden hues give way to shades of red and brown,
we mourn the loss of endless sun filled skies and we prepare,
we prepare for grey mist and grey wind,
grey skies and pale grey faces braced against the coming storms...
we are losing you...


soon you will be but a memory against a Fall sky,
a memory of warm breezes and brief summer rain...
so quickly replaced by drizzle and fog which will paint the landscape
in tones of melancholy dreams,
wafting notes of hot chocolate and crackling fireplaces
replacing the breaking of ocean waves on hot sandy shore...


if I could put my arms around you and feel your sweet touch,
even if just for a fleeting moment,
searing your presence into memory,
memories to be unfurled against the moisture soaked, wind driven torrents
of Autumn's arrival...


a tinge of sadness at your departure, a loss at your moving on,
even with the knowledge that you are not gone forever...
for nothing in this life stands eternally still, and the movements of the seasons
gives us pause to reflect and refine, rediscover and resign ourselves
to your age old journey...


till we greet each other again, till we bask in each others glowing beauty,
I shall hold fast to your images and legacy,
till you unfurl your tools and once again add your brushstrokes
to this awakening canvas,
summer's portrait held in my dreams..
return quickly my friend...


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