Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a little glitz...

so, here we are.. rocketing towards another Christmas (yes I am using the "C" word) Season... filled with bright eyed kiddies, stressed out parents, the shopping, the hustle and the bustle, the wrapping, the mailing, and the chocolate.. oh let's talk about the chocolate... chocolate... but I digress...

I am avoiding the stress this year, have basically no shopping to do for anyone, well unless I myself spot that glittery trinket that I just have to have... I guess it's another one of those stages of getting older, when the gifts of the gatherings are about conversation and catching up, rather than the gifts of "stuff"...

don't get me wrong, the giving of gifts is still something I love to do, but now on a more personal nature, more often something "just because" more fits where I am right now.. the surprise "something" that shows up on a friends desk, or the arrival of an "I appreciate you" card in their mailbox... just those personal I was thinking about you and wanted you to know you are special to me, marked not by a single day on the calendar, but because, just because...
I sent a wicked arrangement of flowers to my Boss, who happens to be a beautiful friend, some months ago, and I only signed the card with "We appreciate everything that you do"... she still has no idea who sent them... that is my kind of giving...

I am also not giving to VISA this year, which makes me happy... I won't have to wait with baited breath come January to heft the 8 page bill onto the kitchen counter, enjoying at last, the hangover from overindulging my pin protected chip card...

So what about you? Have your giving ideals changed this year? Have you cut back, cut down, revved it up? What say you Christmas Shoppers?

now... where is the chocolate...


  1. Mmmm chocolate :)

    I love thoughtful unexpected presents. A friend of mine sent me a CD filled with his favorite songs and (he's a graphic designer) he also drew a beautiful picture of me. Things like that mean so much more than a gift given because it's expected.

    I'm cutting back this year through necessity but it's also making me think a lot more about what I buy for each person. So, no gift boxes of smellies but things that I really think people will like and enjoy.

  2. hey Ry!!!!!!!:):):):) I love the beautiful lit candles as the background of ur blog:)and I love this post of urs as well..happy to see you looking truly delights me..see..these are friendships, not knowing you, never met you, never heard you, yet feeling perky to see u perked up my friend!! and wow..u are a surprise and mysterious gifter hmm?;) lovely...I love plum cakes during xmas...I literally gorge on them.. and xmas is all about having gun, watching home alone, santa movies, red and green in the air.. but here in Delhi we dont have the snow to give a real xmas feel...that I wish to see one day!!!:)
    Stay Blessed

  3. I'm a chocolate lover too! It's absolutely wonderful to live so near to a chocolatier that I can keep myself in the most delectable chocolates anytime I want! :-)

    We've cut waaay back over the past several years in gift giving. Now it's basically just down to each other (hubby & I), & my parents.

    And let me wish you a very lovely Christmas and blessings in the New Year! :-)

  4. I am so glad that you are writing again and the glitter made me smile.Last year, I gave copies of special pictures to one child,a praising essay to another,a surpise CD to two others and I had fun looking for gifts that said I love you!Your post has gotten me thinking again about this kind of giving.And what a generous heart to give a gift without taking"credit".Enjoyed this one.Thank you! Sharon