Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a sweet symphony...

each second we breathe,
is another note added to the original score of our life's sweet symphony,
each tap of the conductor's baton,
sets in motion the scales and harmonies of our existence...

the flats, the sharps, the slow simple melody of sadness,
or the brisk triumphant march of Love..
each modulation adding another layer,
deepening the experience...

this symphony encapsulates our entire existence, each new song, pinning itself to
where we were upon it's first journey through our soul..
the feeling and emotions, the sights and sounds,
all to become inextricably linked to the notes as they roll like waves onto the shore...

we walk our own tempo in time to our hearts rhythm,
this waltz of one spirit...
we search for our accompanist,
the one who completes the score and makes it magical...

our singular chords entwine to become a danced celebration,
harmonies blending to wrap us together in a soft cocoon of sweet perfection,
these days stretch out across the page
as we find our souls partner,
our beloved Duet...

breathe deeply these dulcet tones of affection,
and let them cleanse past somber concertos of their heavy notes,
replacing them with singing strings and soothing woodwinds,
drink the notes of this complete love

embrace this ballad of you and I
an Adagio, written for us...

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