Thursday, January 27, 2011

our own path...

We all walk our own path, steps to the future, the past, smiles, tears, laughter..steps to ponder and reflect.
Our paths may cross, but our journeys on them are never the same. If I ask you to think of a meadow, none of us will envision the same place. Some will see grass and wild flowers, some will see perhaps a dry grassland clearing filled with ground covering turned brown by the summer sun, or perhaps even a snow filled clearing with deer tracks leading off into the distance. Even if you walk with me on my path, you are still forging your own way, your own imagery, thoughts, sights, smells..all to make us individual threads in this woven human fabric.

Where are you on your path? Does each day lend itself to new journeys or are you stuck in the same tread marks you made yesterday and the day before. Do you embrace the chance to choose when your path splits into different directions? Have you chosen the more difficult terrain and allowed it to stretch you and recreate who you thought you were?

Can you hear what your path is speaking to you? Will you listen....will you follow...

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