Monday, January 10, 2011

Set sail...

So, my inaugural blog entry..I thought this medium would be a great way for me to get serious about writing..nothing in absolute particular - Current Ripple moniker. I was looking for something to encompass all those ripples that flow across my mind, to give a place to let them flow from my fingertips. I am not an accomplished writer but love to sit and let the thoughts drip onto the page as they break on the horizon.

I was one of those English students, who could sit and write an essay the evening before it was due, usually in front of the TV and score a higher mark than my friends who had taken the entire 2 weeks to put theirs together. This did not make me popular, though I could never quite explain how I was able to complete such a task with so much outside interference.
At the time, I never considered what the grade would have been if I had taken all of the allotted time to complete my assignment, given that the "B" was enough of a score for me to be happy with what I had created.

So I hope to impart my own view of our world, in all of it's finest and ferocity. If you are along for the ride, I encourage you to take part in my voyage, toss in your own comments too!



  1. Hello! I only started my blog in March so we are euqally newbie to it all! Found you through the "Weekend Rewind" at Life in a Pink Fibro. Looking forward to following you and reading your blog!

  2. I'm so jealous of your writing ability! I was one of those people who used the whole 2 weeks to put mine together and still got a worse grade!

    PS I LOVE your pictures! They're so pretty!

  3. I was one of those students too! Great first post and can't wait to watch your blog sail strongly on.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  4. LOL! I was one of those English students too! It does come in handy even now though, I'll admit

  5. I like your ripple idea. my thoughts are random as well, some days it's like someone tossed a small stone in my mind creating a peaceful approach and other days its like a 4 ton elephant dropped on my head w/ thoughts firing off haphazardly.

    ready to set sail.

  6. I'm one of those students too! The blog is a great outlet for us!! x

  7. I am glad you found a place you can reconnect with your inner English student! Thanks for Rewinding x

  8. I'm loving the image of your thoughts dripping onto the page. Thanks for Rewinding the Weekend, and leading me to your post.

  9. I relate to your post easily, because I did the same thing in college. I'm enjoying catching up on your blog. Thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from the Weekend Rewind