Monday, January 24, 2011

will you pray with me...

was the sermon title in worship yesterday. I must admit that when Gary speaks those 5 words every Sunday, they wrap me in a warm embrace. The offer to spend moments together in prayer, surrounded by friends and loved ones, offering up our humble words in praise of our maker, reaches to the depths of my very soul. My prayer is most often offered when the moment seems poised to hear it, open to the thoughts and emotions of this human life. I say a lot of "Thank you's" for the blessings that pour over me, that guide my steps, that shape my spirit. I say them quietly before challenging any mountain in my path, asking for the Grace and ability to walk through the fire and emerge transformed into a greater being. I am learning to be who I am to be, without all the clutter and baggage of what we think life is to be about.

I am a work in progress,
clay to be shaped,
with hands open and raised up,
ready to be who I was meant to be..... will you pray with me?

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