Wednesday, January 12, 2011

white out...

So a soft fresh blanket of snow fell last evening, cleansing streets and the earth into a white, glistening and somewhat quiet place. I, like most, love the snow except for having to drive in it. "It's the other guy" you have to watch for..those who still think it's a dry hot summer's day, with nothing to impede their need for speed.
I love how it quiets the earth, dampens the sounds of everyday things. I also like how it gives permission for us to slow down, even for just a moment or so. Everyone has heard the sound of snowfall, a short walk away from a main road or subdivision that lends itself to that quiet peacefulness, tranquil observation..silence.
I am not afraid of the silence, never have been. I know many who are though, afraid to be alone with their thoughts without music, cellphones, TV and the like. Silence and stillness lets you breathe, allows us to unplug from the frantic pace around us. Let's us just be..

maybe that's why I love the falling does what it is meant to be.

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