Monday, May 16, 2011

the background of your life...

silently they wait for input, those things once touched but now set aside for other focus, they wait for further instruction, further care, further action.. some slow to a crawl and some stop altogether... some sit frozen waiting for a touch to start them working again.. some fall away and never return to perform their original meanings...
behind you, in memory or just simply forgotten are the things you once held near and dear,  acquaintances from childhood, a workplace, a place of worship, even perhaps a loved one... how they touched your life, even if only briefly, is woven into your story, each interaction adds another thread holding your experience together, even if frayed around the edges...
who or what is this for you.. who or what exists in the space behind you, that place not completely forgotten but that rarely commands your attention.. what treasures are hidden in the background of your life....


  1. Whole new meaning of LIFE. The post is simply elegant matched with the editorial pictures :)

  2. Hiya. I have given you an award. the link that goes to your award.

  3. thanks for sharing. I loved 'each interaction adds another thread holding your experience together, even if frayed around the edges'.

  4. Gemma, Thank you for stopping by!


  5. I have found great pleasure in pulling some of those old background friends from childhood,into my life.Blessings to be sure.Enjoyed your thoughts on this.