Sunday, May 22, 2011

stop the winds of change...

to stop them blowing, just for a day.. for another day to create memories to carry with me when you are no longer near.. to stop them from taking time, time that feels deep down like it is over too soon.. way too damned soon... you should still be young and vibrant, full of laughter and joy.. full of advice and dreams and hopes and Love... stop them blowing the years and seasons by so quickly, so many hours and minutes carried away in the blink of an eye...

yet in the same storm, needing these winds of change to dry the tears, to heal the shattered and broken hearts of those who will always love you, to blow the pain and grief out of sight and replace it with soft breezes of who you were, who you are still, deep down inside each one of us.. desperately needing these winds to echo your laughter and Grace across the rest of our own years, so that you are always near... let the winds blow gently through the blooming cherry, raining down pink petals of your Love to cover us... make these moments endless.... make these moments timeless..


  1. You give me chills.. Cha Chang :)

  2. Thank you Jinxy! These violets are on my desk at the office.