Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my heart always knows...

my heart always knows exactly where to place everything in my life.. it always knows the path that my feet should tread steadily onwards.. it always knows how to respond to criticism , judgement, abandonment, aloneness.. it knows how to soar with joy and peace and spirit.. it knows how to be humble and wise and soft and silent..

my heart always knows how to respond to my lack of judgement in refusing to follow it's lead, how to curl the hard and jagged edges of my rebellion into a new form... gently nudging me back on course... full of grace and love... when I feel that my existence is less than or should be more than what it is compared to whomever, my heart always knows that transformation can and will take place.. coaxing me back to it's love song for me.. my heart always knows.. always..

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