Tuesday, May 24, 2011


not in the criminal sense, but in your life's essence sense... testify to all that you are, not only to yourself, but to those blessed to be touched by your presence in their lives.. testify to who you are not what you are,  to what you believe, to what moves and shapes your passions and beliefs.. testify to your visions of how you can leave this garden of humanity better for your having been here for the time you are given..
testify to those on the edges and those in the middle, to those above and below,
for all are integral parts of this strand of time and journey..
be a testament that change is possible and that it absolutely can begin with one small step by one being.. testify to yourself, that "you are enough" just as you are... form the words, sing the song, dance the dance.. you are exactly who you are meant to be..
what can you testify to today...

1 comment:

  1. Nice Posts. Im sure that Im gonna TESTIFY now :)