Sunday, May 8, 2011


if it is time for us to say goodbye, then that is what we will do, if it is time to let you go, back to the glorious place from which you came, then we are resigned to this fate,
if you have the strength to fight, if you want to fight, regardless of the outcome, then we will do everything in our power to fight this battle with you... if..

if only to know that the last words we spoke, could be our last, if only to know that you could be cut down so quickly
selfishly, realising that that means the last of many things we shared... if only we could rewind the last week and live it again with the eye to treasuring every single blessed moment...

if you are too tired and want your rest, then when you are ready, it is ok to go.. for none of us will stand in your way, as that is not how or what you have taught us, that is not who you have groomed us to be...
our tears will be solely for ourselves and those tears will be plentiful,
because to say goodbye will hurt like hell...

if you didn't know, you are loved in the same way as you loved us, without judgement, loved for who you are, for all those things you went out of your way to do, things that were not your responsibility,
you took them and us on as your own, because you wouldn't have had it any other way..

if this is to be our final chapter, there is comfort in knowing that we shall meet again..
where the sky meets the stars, I shall find you again one day, free and young and whole...

you are loved...


  1. Oh, beautiful. It's exactly how I've felt on occasion. It's exactly what I want to say to my stepfather's mom. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Kirsta... say what you need to from the heart..


  3. Tears with this although I have not had this experience.Just to know that we will see the loved again and that you believe that too, is enough.Thank you.

  4. Sharon, this came to me after seeing a loved one felled by a stroke. Someone who looked after me in my teenage years. I managed to get this out and onscreen through a torrent of tears. She is recovering, but a long different road ahead.