Monday, June 6, 2011


as the last of the May rains give rise to the glorious rays of June sunshine, life is abundant, nature stretches her arms towards the golden rays, warming herself... the fruits of this basking in warm light are everywhere, golden tones of petals unfurling, reds and pinks dot the landscape winking their summer hello... the shades of green cover every tone on the palette... chirps of winged "soon to be parents" can be heard in every tree and shrub, their busy nest building and caring for this years little ones in full force...
a newness hangs in the air, encompassing and holding much like a mother's loving arms... soft sweet whispers of warm days to come, evenings of moon lit skies and soft breezes... ocean waters breaking in time to the beat of life... renewal, rebirth, a reaffirmation of life and breath... a newness of hope and peace... after all that has fallen away, rain and snow - mist filled days... we find ourselves here again... embracing, loving, being... beginnings

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  1. Lovely post Ry... Embracing the small details of nature at its best :D