Tuesday, June 14, 2011

for you...

when the words no longer come
we will speak them for you..
when the memories have been misplaced
we will remember them for you..
when the faces you see, you no longer recognize
we will remember them for you..
when the stories no longer flow from your lips,
we will share them for you..
when your dreams are out of reach,
we will dream them for you..

for you, are ours
and we bask in our love for you..
for you taught us much
and we walk those lessons for you..
for you are part of who we are
and we wear that knowledge for you..
for you loved us deeply
and we share our love for you..

though I personally do not walk alongside someone with mental illness, I am close to a family that does. A father being lost too soon by Alzheimer's... I offer up what words came to me as comfort, love and support for some very wonderful people... remember, rejoice and relive the journeys... those memories will carry you through the tough times, the tears and the heartache... love is infinite and everlasting, traversing this existence and keeping those we love, alive and in our souls... anyone lost in the journey of loss and letting go, I also offer this.. for you...


  1. Miss B is truly a wonderful person with a big heart. -LR

  2. I've got a bro w/ mental illness. it can be so frustrating.

    thank you for your post

    new follower

  3. Thanks Todd. My friend confides in me about her struggle with her loved one. It's not an easy task. Thanks for following.