Tuesday, August 2, 2011


the culmination of months and weeks and hours of preparation flows towards them
like a tsunami ready to break on the shore...
everything in place, the planning and meetings and ideas all stand ready to come alive...
the last morning rain shower clears overhead and the sun begins to reflect all the glam and glitter of this day... smiling faces of those who wait expectantly for this day to begin turn to cheers and laughter..

and thoughts of  freedom...

anticipation palpable in the crowd as zero hour creeps slowly closer...
happy figures stakeout their best viewing area, claiming their patch of asphalt, concrete or balcony...
colours glint and flash as friends greet with warm embrace and words of solidarity...
beads and taffeta, sequins and tulle,
people wrapped like precious packages,
living ornaments to Celebrate
this day...

the procession begins to move, each in turn starting their journey of renewed community, renewed thankfulness, renewed blessings that we inhabit a country where we can Celebrate...
no fear of reprisals or backlash, a day to be who we are authentically...
hands wave and bodies move in time to funky beats, words sung, hands clap, voices cheer,
flags wave and the applause of the joyous crowd ricochets off buildings and banners,
a river of affection stretching endlessly

we walk with heads held high, we walk with purpose and passion,
we walk united and proud,
we walk for each other, for those gone before and for those who will come after,
we walk for those still unable to be free and loved for themselves...

we have walked to Educate,
to show that we are not so different from each other,

we have walked to Liberate,
to free those who still need unshackling from oppression, 

today we walk to Celebrate,

we walk to celebrate the walls that have come down in the name of Love...
we Celebrate you and I and Us,
we Celebrate all that is Good and Great and Grand about life and loving acceptance...

and most poignantly perhaps, we walk because of you...
the tireless army behind the scenes who set the stage for our grand performance,
for without your determination, your vision, your hard work and selflessness,
our moment to shine as one,
would not happen...

wrapped in our individual moments,
we Celebrate you

I dedicate this post to the VPS staff and it's hundreds of volunteers
who make it possible to shine brightly,
who made it possible to Celebrate


  1. :) lovely pictures Ry...and smiles to u :)

  2. Love the pictures, love the message! Celebrate on, sister! <3

  3. LOL! Thanks Niki!! Thanks for the smiles Aakriti!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I love them!