Tuesday, August 30, 2011


today I breathe, deeply and conscious of the sweet scented summer air filling my lungs,
today I sing, transforming that same breath into sweet scented notes filling my space,
today I move, to the rhythm of the universe as it taps out a sweet staccato beat,
today I praise, the sweet life of abundance and joy...

today I bless, those whose warmth encompasses me in glorious tenderness,
today I celebrate, the warmth of the august sun dripping from above,
today I pray, the warmth of my spirit radiating from my very core,
today I plan, for the gatherings of loved ones whose warmth sustains me...

today I give thanks, for those who touch my soul,
today I am humbled, by those lives I am blessed to touch in so many ways,
today I share my words, knowing not who they will touch,
today I hold, I touch the memories along the road that leads me here...

today I ask of you, what was your today... 

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